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Eco Sustainable Fashion

Change starts with us: today we can and we must choose our clothes in a different way, for our health and for our planet


Eco-sustainable Farmers

The eco-sustainable fashion is based on fabrics. To define a natural fabric the raw material must be exclusively of natural origin (vegetable or animal). Common natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and wool, have a very negative environmental and social impact on our ecosystem. In fact, despite being natural fabrics, they are produced in an intensive way to satisfy a growing market demand.

Use of pesticides, chemical colors, GM seeds and exploitation of human resources (including children) in cultivation and processing … Only a few examples of how conscience and pity are put in the background to satisfy consumers and make the most profit possible.

Change is possible but it start by consumers: buying eco-friendly and certified natural fabrics, such as GOTS or Oeko-Tex, is the solution to the problem.

Certificazione Gots Puro Amore


Organic Cotton

First of all, for organic cotton no pesticides and fertilizers are used, which would then flow into the water through the cultivation grounds.

It needs a lot more water because the same raw material produced organic cotton needs more arable land than traditional cotton. Since the certification of organic natural fabric does not allow intensive cultivations that go to consume the earth making it unusable, the greater consumption of water is compensated by maintaining the fertility of the field thanks to the practice of rotation of the crop. 

The certification of organic natural fabric, as for other fabrics and products for food, requires decent conditions for workers and in line with world standards. This aspect, often underestimated, is very important if we take into consideration that these raw materials come mostly from poor countries.

But certified biological fabrics are not only good for nature and ethics but also for our well-being.

Organic cotton is softer and more breathable than standard cotton. Textile fibers, not being treated with aggressive chemicals, such as bleach and formaldehyde, make organic cotton more durable than standard cotton; furthermore, thanks to the total absence of aggressive treatments, the organic cotton fabric reduces the risk of rubbing irritations and allergies.

Organic cotton is a durable fabric, can be machine washed like standard cotton. It does not need high temperature washes. We recommend a low temperature wash to preserve its characteristics.

A low temperature wash also allows a considerable energy saving, which followed by the use of organic soaps helps to preserve the environment. The use of fabric softeners is not recommended. Only in case of necessity it is possible to iron it at low temperature.

Organic cotton is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.