PuroAmore is an italian eco-sustainable clothing line, exclusively made by organic and certified fabrics.

Elegant and sporty tailoring garments made in Treviso, Italy

Dress your baby with organic and eco-friendly fabrics.

The fabrics of Puro Amore Baby line reduce the risk of rubbing irritations and allergies thanks to the almost total absence of chemicals.


Eco-Sustainable Clothing

I love my work and I decided to create Pure Love to give my contribution to provide alternatives to industrial textile production that has a very negative environmental and social impact on our ecosystem. We can make the difference and we can, and must, choose our clothes in a different way.


The Lab

All the clothes of the PuroAmore Collection are designed and sewn by hand in my atelier “I Sogni di Caterina”. After a careful selection of the best fabrics I start to create my clothes, always trying to combine comfort and elegance. The atelier is my second home, the place where I realize my dreams for a better world and where individual health and environmental protection are in first place.